Welcome to Eshánda

“Our world is now a better place since we opened our eyes to see that everything in life comes From Within – and From Within I can be me!”

– Claire Tilley

From Within is a new, diverse and enchanted musical,

Dance In The Rain (Orchestral Demo) – Full Company

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Book & Lyrics by Claire Tilley

Music by Ricardo Fernandes.



Our story celebrates diversity. The casting will be open to actors of any ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, body shape and height – plus actors with disabilities.

In fact, one unique thing about From Within is the character of Kip, who can’t speak. A character in a musical who doesn’t speak or sing? Absolutely! Why not? Kip has a learning disability and uses Makaton sign language to communicate. Kip is one of many unique characters in the fictional world of Eshánda, where the musical is set.