Meet the Rhydian’s

“What is love? No one cares, just do your duty!”


Ben is Matched to his childhood friend Katherine and their wedding is in four days. However, he does not love her. Ben is torn between doing his duty and following his heart.


Katherine is Matched to Ben, but secretly has feelings for Adam. Katherine worries about breaking the rules, even though she knows she has to stand up for what is right.


Adam is Ben’s best friend. He is a lovable rogue and is secretly in love with Katherine. Adam hates being confined to the strict Rhydian rules.


Stratford is the Head of State in Rhydian. He is the father of Ava and Ben. Stratford is strict and antagonistic. He will do anything to protect his reputation.


Ava is Ben’s older sister. She hides behind a strong exterior. Ava had a secret love affair with Warwick six years ago, but lied to her father when he found out.


Warwick had a secret love affair with Ava six years ago. When she lied to her father, Warwick had to flee to Zeke. After all this time, he is still seeking his revenge.


Charlie is Katherine’s best friend and is planning her upcoming wedding to Ben. He is too scared to come out of the closet, as he is Matched to a woman.


O’Riley is Stratford’s assistant.