Meet the Zeke’s

“What is love? Is it real, or just a fantasy?”


Skylar is Lena’s older sister and lives in her shadow. She has a facial deformity, which she is very self-conscious about.  Skylar falls in love with Ben when he arrives in Zeke.


Kip has a learning disability and cannot speak, but communicates by signing. Kip is very energetic and endearing. Kip understands most things, but sometimes gets confused.


Lena is Skylar’s younger sister. She was born with a small horn on her head. Lena produces extra pheromones and is radiant, confident and loves having the attention of all the men.


Flynn is married to Genysis and has a charismatic personality. He is shorter than his wife, not that he cares, as they are as passionate now as the day they met.


Genysis is married to Flynn. She is very tall (over 6 feet) and proud of it! Her marriage to Flynn is still very loving and passionate, even after 20 years together.


Rosalie is Nathan’s mother. She is a larger lady who has facial hair. Rosalie has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour.


Faith is married to Yvie and they have two children. Faith is very spiritual and says that she knew Yvie was a trans woman before Yvie even knew herself.


Yvie is married to Faith and they have two children. Yvie is a transgendered woman, who did not realise until later in life.


Jack is extremely muscular and strong, but in spite of his masculine demeanour he is really sweet. Jack is openly gay.


Nathan is Rosalie’s son and he is extremely hairy all over, especially his face. Nathan is very immature and always says the wrong thing.