The History of Eshánda

Many centuries ago, Ezekiel Zeke, the mystical elder of Eshánda, was due to marry his true love, Zahara. But the night before their wedding, Zahara left Ezekiel for another man: Rhydian Wintermyer. Rhydian believed that with his intelligence and Zahara’s beauty, they could create the perfect race. So they fled across the land, followed by others who agreed with their way of thinking. Once settled, Rhydian named the new society after himself and deemed himself and Zahara (and all their future heirs) the Heads of State.

Eshánda became divided by a river, with Rhydian on one side and newly named Zeke on the other side. The river is believed to have been created by the tears of Ezekiel Zeke himself; tears that contained the magic of love. And so the myth began…anyone who drinks from the river will fall in love with the first person they see upon waking.

Many years later, some of the Zeke elders decided to reach out to Rhydian. They built a bridge over the river in the hopes of reuniting the land of Eshánda. But the Rhydian Heads of State were not interested and forced them to leave. And so they returned to Zeke disappointed, but hopeful that one day Eshánda would become one again.

Over the years, Rhydian evolved into an oppressive and strict society, masked in beliefs of grandeur,     valuing perfection and beauty; naively following the rules without question. All Rhydian’s places in society are pre-determined and everyone is Matched accordingly from birth. They are taught to do their duty and suppress their emotions, or reap the consequences. With the advances in technology and science, the Heads of State deemed physical relationships unnecessary and therefore against the law. Children are made in artificial wombs at the specifications of both parents, using their DNA. They are taught to follow the laws – and to fear “the other side” (Zeke)

Zeke on the other hand, flourished into a free and unique society. Zeke’s value love, inner beauty and  happiness, embracing their differences and living life on their own terms.